How To Motivate Your Kids To Learn

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:13:38 PM Asia/Calcutta

The early years, right from infancy to early adolescence, are the most crucial days in a child’s life for learning and development. During this age, from 4 to 12 years, children are most receptive and absorbent to new information. Getting kids in the habit to pursue and enjoy learning at this age can lead to them becoming self-sufficient and self-motivated with regards to education later in life. But sometimes they need a little nudge in the right direction. Once they set off on the trail, they will eventually need far less supervision and guidance to keep them going. But to help them take the first few steps, we’ve listed down some interesting ways that parents can use to motivate their children to learn and enjoy it.


1. Make Learning Fun


A creative and fun way to engage children in learning activities is through the use of games and learning tools. There are plenty of games available that are designed to help children study various topics like math, geometry, general knowledge, spelling and lots more. Strategy based games help develop a child’s analytical and cognitive capabilities while logic based games help them understand concepts like shape, structure, numericals etc. Such games are not only entertaining, but also offer a high educational quotient which kids can enjoy. Schoolkart offers a wide selection of educational board games that help children study and grasp new educational concepts in an enjoyable manner.



2. Use Study Aids


Besides traditional text books and learning material, study aids can be of great help to involve children in learning activities. Study aids may also be supported by an audio visual medium and make for an interesting and engaging learning experience. Using informative colouring books, CD recordings of text book information and picture based story books can ignite the spark and make learning an activity that children look forward to.  The selection of study aids at Schoolkart has been tried and tested to give children the best avenues for learning.



3. Encourage Reading


Reading is a tried and tested method for intellectual stimulation. Nothing inspires imagination, curiosity and creativity quite like reading does. Cultivating an interest in reading right from an early age can have far-reaching positive effects all through adult life as well. Whether it is setting aside some reading time with the family or enrolling your children in local reading programmes, introducing them to the literary world whilst young can help develop a holistic personality and positive attitude towards learning.  At Schoolkart.com you can find a wide selection of fiction as well as non-fiction books that parents and kids can enjoy together.



4. Get Them Curious


Asking questions, time and again, is one of the best ways to fuel learning. Encouraging children to be curious can help introduce them to newer subjects and ideas which promote overall growth and development. Developing a curious nature can also help them to form opinions and perspectives and express their views on a variety of topics. Parents need to allow their kids a certain amount of freedom to approach different subjects and curiously evaluate them to derive their own beliefs. Encourage queries and attempt to answer them as best as possible so children know that they have the liberty to learn through questions.


With the aim of nurturing our future generations, Schoolkart urges parents to find ways to eliminate rote learning and motivate children to expand their knowledge through fun and innovative study techniques.


Schoolkart is dedicated to helping parents and students navigate the path of education and overall development in the easiest ways possible. With the variety of merchandise available at our one-stop online store, one can choose from different study aids, stationary sets, educational games and other essentials to make learning enjoyable and enlightening. 



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