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Friday, September 23, 2016 11:47:52 AM Asia/Calcutta



There's absolutely no dearth of places from where you can accumulate knowledge, all you need is the thirst of pursuit. A 24/7 connected world has opened up a plethora of options and opportunities, and thankfully the education sector has capitalised on this.


When in school, we rely on school books and the guidance of teachers to learn from. For those eager to up their skill set beyond what is taught in school, there are quite a few educational courses available online from globally reputed schools/universities. The likes of Yale, NYU even!


In this article, we are going to list a couple of such options that your child (and even you actually!) can explore.


 1. coursera.org


Coursera is among the world's leading online "university". On Coursera you will get a chance to take up courses in practically anything! From biotech, to computers, to maths, to science, to sociology - you name it and there'll be a reputed partner university whose professors are conducting an online class, along with reference materials and reading work et.al. for you to learn. Moreover, by way of participation in group discussions, you can interact with and learn from students all over the world! For the courses that are completed by you in time and rather thoroughly, there's a University Certificate waiting for you at the end.

Our advice is that you log on to coursera.org at least once and give one of their offered courses a try. Trust us, it will be worth it! 



2. KhanAcademy.org


Nope, not the filmstar.

Khan Academy is among the world's largest repository of knowledge and information. Here, you will find classes on Mathematics & Computing, Arts & Humanities, Science & Engineering just to name a few. Giving the feel of being in a real classroom, the teachers here teach on traditional blackboards, and rely on you to take notes. Look at Khan Academy as a way to gain more knowledge, information and insight into the subjects you love.





3. E-Learning Tools


For those of you who need help with regular class work, there are e-learning books and e-learning tools available. These are created with a view to make studying fun and easier. Armed with explanations, small tests and revision tools, trust these to help you ace the basics of any subject, no matter the standard you're in. An example of this would be Top Scorer by Navneet.



4. edX.org


Similar to Coursera, edX too offers a plethora of online courses from top universities to choose from. If you pursue the course of your interest with diligence you stand to earn Verified Certificates, university credits, an additional skill-set and a potential job offer even! This is great for students looking to explore study-abroad options.





5. iTunes / Soundcloud


Think podcasts are only for music? Think again!

The likes of iTunes and Souncloud offer Voice-based lectures for you to follow and gain that extra bit of information from. If you all you want is someone to revise a particular subject with you or clear your doubts in a manner that feels they are personally talking to you, then these prove to be a very good option.


Then, don't wait. Sit your children down and browse through the vast world of online courses and education to up your skill-set and competitive advantage.

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