School Essentials - All That's Needed!

Friday, September 23, 2016 1:39:50 PM Asia/Calcutta



It's school season! That means getting into the strict school routine - sleep early, get up early, do you homework, attend school, go for tuitions, PLAY (finally!) and back to bed! A cycle that's on loop till finally the vacations come calling and students + parents alike can breathe a sigh of relief.


Naturally, with the onset of schools, it's time to stock up on school supplies. School uniforms, school books, NCERT books, school shoes, water bottles.. the list is endless. To ensure that you don't forget anything, below is a comprehensive list that you can keep handy.


1. School Uniforms


Clearly, there isn't any school if your uniforms are not in place! For the fresh new year, and a taller child, it's best to get the uniforms ordered and ready just in time. To avoid the last minute rush, it is advisable to plan this in advance.

Check out www.schoolkart.com and order uniforms without any hassles.





2. School Shoes


Next in line are the shoes. Be it regular school shoes or sports shoes, better to get the size right and the shoes in your closet well in time. On www.schoolkart.com we offer shoes of various brands and sizes - Adidas school shoes, Nike school shoes, Bata school shoes, Liberty school shoes just to name a few. So take your pick and shoe shop, now!


3. School Bag


Oh yes! The one thing that all students love to buy! A school bag is a reflection of a child's personality and choice - so don't compromise on this one, one bit. Browse through our vast catalogue and pick the bag that best personifies your child.


4. Books


Well, a bit lower down in the list but still absolutely (of course!) essential. School text books, reference books, NCERT books - whatever your need maybe, you must purchase the books before they get Sold Out due to start-of-the-year buying rush. In addition, parents can also consider purchasing (or trying) e-learning books, that will help their children learn more about the subject and excel at it.



5. Stationery


Now this one we all love! Stationery can immediately brighten up a dull day and make one the object of envy at school. A cool compass box, a trendy pencil, a pen that writes in two colour?! Oh well, the maze of stationery superheroes is endless, and the children (and parents alike) can get their fix of the same on www.schoolkart.com


6. Rainwear / Winter-wear


A seasonal, but a must-buy. To be rain ready and cool weather ready, parents can purchase raincoats, umbrellas, sweaters, thick socks, etc for their children from www.schoolkart.com


7. Lunch boxes


Tupperware, Doraemon or Chhota Bheem.. whatever maybe the pick of your child, a lunch box that suits his tastes and fulfils the parent requirement for adequate compartments in available on www.schoolkart.com




8. Watches, etc.


For the bigger "kids", school accessories that are functional yet fashionable are something they cannot go to school without! Be it watches or sunglasses, as a parent you can buy them simple yet trendy and affordable ones from www.schoolkart.com.


There you have it! Our list of school essentials. So off you go shopping for these essentials and be sure to not miss out on any!

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