Schoolkart & The E-commerce Environment For School Supplies

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 3:42:33 PM Asia/Calcutta


It is no shocker that the ecommerce market in India is on a spiral and is showing no signs of looking back. The increased percolation of smartphones and tablets to even the lower income strata has led to a huge online consumer base. This, coupled with the favorable demographics and internet penetration levels has helped retailers’ cash in on this huge opportunity.


If various forms of retail ranging from a variety of products and services is now available online, why should school supplies be far behind? Some reports have pegged this market to be as large as USD 10-15 billion, which until now has been primarily unorganized. The demand for school supplies exhibits a cyclical pattern with steep spikes during the beginning of the new academic session each year and then steadies with regular demand throughout the year. So what should retailers in this space keep in mind? Let’s take a look: -


Segmenting customers based on their demographic profiles, past purchase history, likes, interests and other behavioral profiles is key to make a lasting impact and convincing customers to buy


  • Ecommerce retailers in this space need to move rapidly with technology to cater to users with different devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops


  • Using social media platforms for marketing is inevitable as statistics prove the quantum of time being spent on these sites 


  • Personalizing the customer’s experience when on a site is another way to appeal to audiences who are constantly looking for value


Being a parent of a child in the K-12 segment (kindergarten to class 12) can be quite daunting at the beginning of the year when school supplies are every child’s need and demand. Standing in long ques and sometimes missing a precious day at office is what parents have to ordeal. However, Schoolkart has made it much simpler. This online portal is a one-stop shop for all school requirements – ranging from uniforms and books to stationery and sporting equipment.


Let’s take a look at the gamut of products that Schoolkart has to offer: -


  • School Uniforms – An integral part of every child’s day spent at school, uniforms create a spirit of unity and solidarity amongst children. Students feel proud to sport their school’s uniform and of the alma mater that they belong to. Schoolkart provides the complete uniform range for school’s associated with it with detailed size guides for ease in ordering.


  • Shoes – Most Indian schools have promoted the use of shoes from generic school shoes brands. Schoolkart provides access to the wide variety of models manufactured by these brands.


  • Stationery – This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of school life. New books, variety of pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, geometry sets, files, markers, staplers, scissors and the list is endless. Schoolkart has tied up with some of the best quality suppliers to provide a great variety of stationery and accessories to choose from.


  • Sports Equipment – What is school like without having spent hours on the sports field with friends? Schoolkart encourages the spirit of good sportsmanship and promotes children to play sports to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. We therefore offer sports equipment for various sports like badminton, cricket, football, handball, skating, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.


  • Books – Books are the greatest tools for learning. If inculcated at an early age, the habit of reading books opens up a child’s mind and makes him/her creative and imaginative. Schoolkart provides a selection of books – fiction, non-fiction, reference and study-aids.


  • Accessories – Every child looks forward to choosing the right accessories for himself/herself at the start of a new session and sporting it amongst friends and peers at school. Water bottles, lunch boxes, school bags and other accessories are available through Schoolkart to make the buying experience exceptional.



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