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Friday, September 23, 2016 2:01:40 PM Asia/Calcutta


Shoe shopping for kids? It isn’t as fun as it is for adults!  Kids are least interested in what kind of shoes they would want to wear, but as parents we need to be very careful with the type of shoes we purchase for our kids. We are well aware of the fact that kids outgrow their shoes in no time, especially toddlers are in constant need of a new pair after every few months. Therefore, investing in expensive ones is really not a good idea.

That being said, we also need to remember that investing both time and money to find the right/comfortable pair of shoes is essential to prevent injury and accelerate foot development.  For the years when kids are in school, one needs to stick to a set type of shoes.


To make your work easy here are the types of shoes you will need based on your kid’s hobbies/likes/comfort level etc.


a. School Shoes

Usually institutions have a strict policy of following the dress code mentioned in their curriculum, so not tampering around with this pair will be a good call! For girls, pick ballerinas, as they are easy to wear, have no laces and are very comfortable for school.

For boys, go for Scout School shoes. They have the correct cushion effect for their feet to rest and at the same time give enough space for the toes to breathe. Go for brands like Bata, Liberty, Lee Cooper, who manufacture excellent quality school shoes.


b. Sport Shoes

When kids are in school they really like getting  involved in sporting events. And each sport has its own share of shoe style demands. On a general note, we’d advice you choose products from established sports brands like Reebok, Nike, Nivia, etc.

  • Football Shoes

One of the most physical games of all times football/soccer needs you to be on your feet for 90 minutes. It takes up a lot of your energy and you feet are drained at the end of match. So you need something that can help you run faster, kick harder and also protect you for any kind of injury. Hence, football shoes have spokes below, which help in running quicker and faster.

  • Badminton Shoes

The energy required for this sport is similar to football, but there are a lot of side movements required in this game. Hence, ideal badminton shoes should have cushiony effect on the side to protect you from sprains.

  • Tennis shoes

People tend to categorise badminton and tennis in the same class. We assure you they are very different, because for beginners, they are played in different courts. The movement is similar but tennis requires more energy and power. Hence, you end up putting a lot of pressure on your feet. For your little tennis champ, pick out shoes which will help him/her run faster, hit better.

  • Running Shoes

Kids who are interested in marathons, running and relays are on their feet the entire day. So shoes which promise stability and speed would be a good option here.


We hope that this articles has helps you out, if you have any advice for shoe-shopping, write below in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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