We at Schoolkart are committed to give back to the society.

Through our program 'Schoolkart Cares', parents and students have an option to donate their old School Uniforms, Shoes, Stationery, Accessories to Schoolkart. We have partned with some of India's leading NGOs such as Goonj, Maitri and Ehsaas Welfare Foundation and the collected products will be donated to these NGOs.

Please use the below form to raise a request for the products that you would like to donate. Schoolkart will arrange for a pick-up from your location through one of its logistics partners, who will visit your home/office and collect the products. These products will undergo a basic quality and hygiene check and will then be passed on to one of our partner NGOs who will in turn donate them through their appropriate channels.

We look forward to your support and hope to together make a positive and meaningful impact through the 'Schoolkart Cares' program.


Tips and Guidelines for the Schoolkart Cares program:

1. Pile up your items and put them into 'Yes', 'No' and 'Maybe' piles. Donate the 'No' items, and if you haven’t worn or used the 'Maybe' items in recent months, donate them, too. Our nonprofit partners will thank you!

2. Some of the biggest Clutter areas are closets, toys, bins, cainates, study shleves and garages. Scan through the items here are ask yourself 'Do I really need it?', 'Do I like it?' and 'What is it worth?'. Based on the answers to these questions, you can decide to donate the items.

3. Once you have selected the items that you would like to donae, please wrap the items in newspaper or old towels for safety. Band your items together and label them.

4. Please ensure that the items are in a clean, usable, working and hygienic condition. This is important, as our partner NGOs can easily pass on the items to the children that need them without having to spend too much time on cleaning or re-furbishing.


Collaboration with NGO's