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What is CDS Exam?


CDS stands for Combined Defence Services. Candidates who wants to be a part of Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy have to apply for the Combined Defence Services Examination. CDS exam is conducted twice a year by the UPSC. Candidates who have cleared the CDS written exam will be called for an interview by the Service Selection Board (SSB) and the successful candidates will be appointed with respective training academies.

The Notification for the CDS exam is usually released in the months of October and June and the CDS exam is conducted twice in year in the months of February and November.



8 Things to Do



1. Plan Well


You've likely heard the maxim, "Well started is half done". All things considered, with regards to your CDS, the greater part your success relies upon how you plan your examination. You could set a normal plan, which subjects you need to cover and when. Subsequent to completing an intensive investigation of the syllabus, the most critical thing is to religiously split the exam.







2. Know Your Syllabus.


Candidates who are very good in general mathematics, English and GK, especially the freshers, never look beyond and study the syllabus of CDS exam. Always study the syllabus of CDS exam which will help you to understand what they might ask in the CDS exam paper. After you scan the whole CDS exam syllabus, make sure you are filtering out topics where you do not need any preparation and you are 100% confident of clearing them. Topics which you are not 100% confident are the ones you want to prepare to clear the CDS exam.






3. Stay Updated


A noteworthy area of CDS incorporates the General Knowledge segment and this is certainly not a subject that can be considered medium-term. You have to begin getting ready when you know you're giving the CDS. You can begin by perusing daily papers, watching the news on TV; going for discussions and dialogs that will improve your mindfulness. Your definitive objective is to be knowledgeable in a scope of themes from government approaches, legislative issues, the economy to logical advancements and sports.







4. The Clock is Ticking


One important weapon that you should be furnished with, for the CDS Exam, as well as for any aggressive exam, is the craft of time administration. These tests are for the most part intended to test your speed. So part of your preparation ought to incorporate figuring out how to oversee time amidst the paper, as well as far as the measure of time you allot towards every point and re-examine it. 






5. Study Topic Wise


You should begin your CDS planning subject wise. First complete one subject and afterward begin the next one. This method will enable you to concentrate all your consideration in picking up mastery in a given subject first. Once you have mastered a subject you can move on to the next. This will guarantee that you have an organized and systematic way of understanding the concepts and you will probably hold what you have read and learnt for longer timeframes.






6. Practice Makes Perfect


Always remember that no amount of practice is too much. You can try UPSC CDS model papers to practice for the exam and revise your concepts. There are also a couple of test series and mock tests available online. Also, check out previous years’ papers for CDS to get a better idea of the exam.






7. Developing The Right Attitude


You will apply for the post of an officer, so you have to assemble an identity befitting that of an officer. You can begin by endeavouring to be more quiet while making judgments, figuring out how to check a circumstance from all viewpoints and rehearsing to wind up a reasonable and just individual. Your capacity to deal with troublesome/precarious circumstances will assume a noteworthy part in your choice to the resistance administrations.





8. Positive Attitude and Confidence


All of this being said and done, what is going to matter the most is your ability to stay confident till the exam gets over. It is easy to lose hope when you are preparing for an exam. The key is to develop a positive attitude and keep persevering to achieve your goal.