BookBox is an award winning series of animated children's story books that combines illustration, audio and subtitled text to enhance reading skills and promote a love for reading. Created in a variety of languages BookBox stories can help a child learn to read and become proficient in multiple languages. BookBox is based on the proven power of Same Language Subtitling(SLS). As the child relates the phonetic sounds to the visual texts, reading becomes automatic, subconscious and incidental to the engaging story.

For language acquisition it really would teach kids that one spoken word is one word in print. Unlike faster pace popular cartoons Bookbox moves at the temper of the story being to young listeners. At home BookBox encourages interaction amongst parents and children. At schools it can serve as a catalyst for collaboration amongst students. The global themes of BookBox stories promote cultural diversity as well as social and educational values while teaching children how to read. Parents and teachers worldwide value this effective and affordable resource for reading and language learning that children are delighted by BookBox's winning stories and memorable characters.

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